Oriental bust

Woman’s bust wearing a succession of necklaces ; in pearls, in coins stuck of a registration in pseudo-arabic and the last one in Cories and coral. She is dressed in a vest with buttons. She carries a veil and a diadem on his head. The base of a single part présents a registration pseudo-arabic. To the left is the signature of It Guluche and dated on 1896. In the back, the signature of Joseph Le Guluche.

Joseph Le Guluche (1849 -1915)

Joseph le Guluche is a French sculptor, specialized in the terra-cotta. He worked with the factory Alphonse Hanne, famous manufactures of the cties of L’Isle-Adam. At present, a big part of the works of him, is preserved to the muséum of L’Isle-Adam.

Title : “Bust of an oriental woman”

Date : 1896

Size : 23 1/4 in

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