Pakistan, Balochistan, Valley of  Quetta,

IInd-IIIrd century BC

Bronze with green patina

H. 17cm

This extremely rare statuette represents a goddess-mother on horseback. She sits in rider of face. The left hand is on the head of its frame and the right hand is brandished in the air. The triangular face is extremely stylized. His small breasts jut out of his trunk. His voluminous headgear consists of a long central plait and on both sides zigzags. Above the headgear is a bélière. This buckle suggests that the object was suspended and probably used for rites.

Ref. Catalog of the exhibition From the Indus to Oxus Archéologie of Central Asia, éd. Osmund Bopearachchi, Christian Landes and Christine Sachs, IMAGO association – museum





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